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Why Is It Important to Use Good Quality Exterior Paint? | Grand Painting Sydney
Home renovations can get pretty expensive pretty fast, so it’s understandable if you want to save some money on supplies. But, is it really a correct decision in the long term? Let’s take painting the exterior of your home as an example. Sue, you could opt for the cheapest options on the market and do the paint job yourself to keep your budget under control. But, high-quality paints come with some significant advantages that can
What Is the Best Month to Paint a House? | Grand Painting Sydney
When preparing to paint the house exterior, you have to choose the right weather for it, as temperature and other factors can influence the application, the finish, and the time it takes before the paint dries just right.  First of all, you want to have warm weather when you start your paint project. The wet season is out of the question, or if you live in higher areas where the temperature drops below 35 degrees
How Do You Paint a Commercial Building? Grand Painting Sydney
If you want to paint your store, office, headquarters, or other types of commercial building, you should know that a paint job like this should be thought through a bit more. Planning a commercial painting project should include carefully considered contractors, the right colour palette, and high-quality materials. We will go through all the basic steps of painting your commercial building to help you finish your project efficiently and with perfect results.  Hire the Right
How Colour Affects Mood and Productivity of Office Worker | Grand Painting Sydney
Interior design is more than just good looks. If you own a company, you’ve probably given a lot of thought to the marketing, finances, and features that make it unique compared to other businesses. Another feature you should pay more attention to is the interior design of the building your company is located in. Interior design has a deep impact on the effectiveness of your employees’ productivity, especially the colour of the offices where employees
What Color to Paint a House to Make it Look Bigger? | Grand Painting
If you live in a small house or apartment, you may need to pull every trick in the book to make your space look bigger. Small rooms tend to feel claustrophobic. However, at Grand Painting, we understand that the paint colour has a unique ability to transform and set the perfect tone for any room. Below are some paint colours that can make a small space feel much bigger. Pure White Covering a room in

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