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How do I prepare my house for interior house painting?

Whether you are outsourcing your home interior paint job to a commercial painter or attempting your own DIY painting project, you might get more than just a new shade of colour on your walls; it can quickly become a messy endeavour. To ensure the job is completed as smoothly as possible, choosing the right painter is only the first step. Step two involves home preparation. The more you prepare, the more likely you will save time (and possibly money) that you can allocate to future projects.

Make room

Allow for easy, direct access to the painting areas. Pinpoint any furniture items that are in the way of the prospective painting. Small, hard furnishings such as tables and stools should be removed. Items that are too large to move to a different room, such as couches, beds, etc., should be moved into the centre of the room. This creates space for the painters to move more freely and minimizes the possibility of damage. Shield your furniture with a material covering. Ideally, your flooring should be protected with large plastic sheeting, especially when painting a ceiling, as paint drips can damage the floor below.

Remove the electrics

Electrical appliances such as a TV or stove are costly items that can be damaged. If possible, remove these items from the painting areas, or cover them with suitable sheeting.

Strip the walls

Any decor on the paint walls such as paintings, photos, mirrors or clocks will need to be removed. Bubble wrap can prevent breakage. The items should be stored in labelled boxes for easy retrieval once the painting project is completed. Ensure light switch covers and other electrical outlet covers are also removed.

Store soft furnishings

Soft furnishings, such as rugs and mats, should be removed from the painting areas. Window decor, such as curtains and blinds, should also be taken down.

Clear the clutter

You also need to remove smaller items from the painting area. While you can cover them with sheeting, you might still knock them over during the painting process. It would be better to store them safely away.

Treat your walls

Cleaning your walls to remove dust, dirt and stains before painting begins will prove beneficial. Using water and soap to clean the walls will ensure that the fresh paint doesn’t stick to the dirt and stains. Allow for sufficient time to pass for the walls to dry. Any suspected leaks or pest infestations need to be attended to before you start painting as these problems will damage the finished product.

Leave the room

If only some of the rooms are being painted, these areas need to have restricted access. Family members and pets need to vacate the area, especially to avoid the paint fumes. You might want to make a plan to visit family members if the entire interior of your home is being done.

Ask questions

Effective communication with your painting contractor is essential.  Ensure that the quotation for the painting project includes materials such as brushes and rollers, good quality oil based paint or latex paint. Oil based paint is more durable than latex paint, although latex paint is easier to work with and dries quickly. Paint rollers, paintbrushes, roller covers, masking tape/painter’s tape (used to mark off areas that should not be painted), and a putty knife (used to make a clean paint edge when using masking tape) should also be included in the list of materials for the project. A painting contractor should also provide canvas drop cloths to protect furnishings, but it might be a good idea to obtain additional coverings for your household items.

Achieving a professional result is a top priority when painting a room. Don’t let your painting project send you up the wall. Be well-prepared and obtain a topcoat of which you can be proud.

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Achieving a professional result is a top priority when painting a room. Don’t let your painting project send you up the wall. Be well-prepared and obtain a topcoat of which you can be proud.

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