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Commercial Building Colour That Are Suitable For Your Business

Choosing paint colour for a commercial building that will suit your business’s aesthetic and caters to your intended clientele is a delicate task for commercial painters. 

The colour scheme selection will depend on many variables, such as the industry of your business, customer demographic, and the context of your surroundings.

Before discussing the specific interior and exterior commercial building painting trends, it’s important to put your business into context. Bold colours that may work for fast food businesses may not be appropriate for high scale apartment complexes.

The Psychology of Colour Branding

As a general rule, neutral colours suit traditional businesses, while bright yellows and reds have become a staple colour scheme of the fast-food industry, as they have become associated with certain foods. White is a great choice for hospitality facilities because it evokes feelings of cleanliness and an interest in customer wellbeing.

Certain colours can elicit certain feelings. For example, studies have shown that the colour yellow elicits feelings of comfort, while red causes hunger and impulsivity. You can see why McDonald’s relies so heavily on this yellow and red colour scheme and these same psychological principles can be applied elsewhere.

Greens elicit feelings of serenity – calm and peace, but they’re also associated with health. If your business is a health clinic or associated with fields of higher urgency or stress, this is an advisable colour to incorporate into your colour scheme.

Blue is often associated with cleanliness and rest. Conservative brands can use this colour to promote trust with clients. Of all of the colour schemes, blue is also most associated with communication, which is why it is the social media colour of choice.

Paint Colours for Commercial Buildings

Exterior Painting: You should also use complementary colours based on colour theory (two colours that are opposite to each other on the colour wheel). One colour should be the base of the exterior and the other used as an accent.

Generally speaking, no more than 3 exterior paint colours should be used in the exterior of a building. It is also crucial that the exterior of your building aligns with your brand’s colour scheme. Trending commercial exterior paint colours right now are:

  • Neutral Colours
  • Mid to Light Grays
  • Browns

Interior Painting: You can afford to stray a little further away from your brand colours on the interior of your building. Exterior colours are meant to draw people in, but once they’re inside, they want to feel at home.

While neutrals and whites are good colours to incorporate in the interior of a commercial property, because they aren’t too overwhelming, it’s also a good idea to work in pops of colour around door frames and foyers. A complete absence of exciting colours can be boring and drab, especially in office spaces.

Interiors of warehouses need to comply with safety regulations and therefore may require more yellows, blacks, and reds, which are clear safety signifiers.

The following colours are currently trending for commercial interiors:

  • Earth Tones
  • Greys & Greens
  • Peach & Apricot Undertones
  • Warmer Toned Whites
  • Isolated Splashes of Colour – Foyers & Doors

Painting Technique

How you choose to paint your commercial space is up to you, but is dependent on the type of building. Is it a warehouse or an office? The exterior materials determine the appearance and longevity of your building’s paint job. Steel and brick surfaces require different painting techniques.

There are various paint application methods, such as:

  • Spray Painting – Air Sprayers or Airless Sprayers
  • Texture Coating
  • Rollers
  • Brushes

If you’re searching for a fresh painting service or maintenance solution for your commercial business, contact us at Grand Painting. We’ll offer you a free Dulux colour consultation to help you choose the best colour scheme.

We have worked on countless commercial painting projects of all sizes and ensure that we meet a high standard as Dulux Accredited Painters.

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