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Why Is It Important to Use Good Quality Exterior Paint?

Home renovations can get pretty expensive pretty fast, so it’s understandable if you want to save some money on supplies. But, is it really a correct decision in the long term?

Let’s take painting the exterior of your home as an example. Sue, you could opt for the cheapest options on the market and do the paint job yourself to keep your budget under control. But, high-quality paints come with some significant advantages that can save you more money in the long run. 

Here’s why it’s important to use quality paints for the exterior walls.

Why Quality Matters

High-Quality Paints Last Longer

Good quality paint can last twice as long as a cheap one. And because the paint on the exterior surfaces will crack less, you won’t have to redo the paint project as often. That can translate into more money in your pocket. 

It’s UV Resistant 

When poor quality paints are exposed to the UV rays, they start breaking down, forcing you to add another coat to maintain the aesthetics of your home as well as protect the exterior walls from the elements. 

Better Colour and Gloss Retention

Over time, all paints will lose some of their colour mirror-like look, which is why it’s better to opt for high gloss paint. Latex paint as well as oil-based paints lose their colour and gloss the quickest. If you want your paint surface to remain vibrant for longer, you should opt for acrylic paints. 

Painting Tips for Exterior of Your Home 

Use the Right Kind of Exterior Paint

Some homeowners assume that interior paint is just as good for exterior surfaces. It’s not. Quality exterior paints dry faster and resist mold and mildew better than other alternative paints. 

Estimate How Much Paint You Will Need 

Estimate the amount of paint you’ll need in advance so you don’t run out of paint halfway through the project or waste money on extra paint. 

Use the Right Paint Brushes 

Use paintbrushes and rollers specifically designed for exterior surfaces. These typically have longer hairs or a longer brush pile to hold more paint. That makes applying to rough and textured surfaces easier. 

Good Quality Exterior Paint Over to You

When you decide to paint the outside of your home, it’s not just a matter of choosing a color and painting. There are several things to keep in mind to make sure the job is being properly done. You need to be careful with the kind of paint you opt for (water-based or acrylic) the paint manufacturer you choose, and the tools you use. 

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