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When to Repaint Your Commercial Building

When it comes to commercial buildings, keeping a clean, professional exterior can often be a real issue. The exterior will degrade and will lose its slick finish at a much faster rate than residential properties. Graffiti, pollution, and the weather can result in the diminishing clean appearance of the exterior. When is it time to repaint your commercial building?

If you notice features such as bubbling and flaking around the edges of the exterior walls of your buildings, it’s time for a repaint. The growth of mould around the exterior is also a sign. By repainting and maintaining the exterior of your commercial buildings, your business will be more attractive and safeguarded against many of the signs of mould and deterioration.

Faded paint

Is the paint on the exterior of your building fading? This means two things. Firstly, it’s time for a repaint. Secondly, the paint used for the exterior of the building may be of low quality. Low-quality formulas will be broken down much faster by UV rays causing fading on the exterior of your structure.

Commercial buildings are regularly exposed to the sun. This means it is recommended that a formula which provides added protection is used for external walls of your building. Furthermore, through approaching professional painters for advice, you can select the right paint for your building, ensuring protection and long-lasting colour.


If your building is subject to excess moisture, which is due to the location of commercial buildings, you may start to see mould. Exposure to the natural elements will see mould grow and spread over the exterior of your building. Also, this is a sign that maintenance and a repaint is required.

Leaving mould to grow and spread will result in unpleasant odours and stains on the exterior of your building. Mould serves as both an unpleasant appearance on your structure and can be a serious health hazard. Before your fresh paint job, removing the mould is a must!

Sun-damaged paint

Sun exposure can do a toll on your building. The loss of paint’s adhesion from under the surface will cause bubbling and blistering. Changes in weather and sun exposure can cause this. If the weather is humid, and the building is exposed to UV rays, moisture will try to escape from underneath the surface. This can cause blistering and bubbling. If your building has these features, it may be time for a repaint.

A paint job where contaminants are not removed or the incorrect paint has been used will lead to long term damage to the exterior of your building. This can result in peeling and cracking within months, and sometimes even sooner. Through hiring a commercial painter to inspect the exterior, a safe and long term solution can be arranged.


The exterior look of your building serves as branding. It is the first impression to those passing by. If you’re looking to reinvent your branding, this is a sign that you need to repaint your exterior. This is to attract those passing by and to represent your business with a new and better look. 

If you’re going through a change or modernisation of your businesses tone or feel, the exterior of your commercial building needs to be maintained and repainted. It is always important for the look, feel and reputation of a business that the exterior is presentable and safe.

Grand Painting has decades of experience in providing professional and affordable exterior commercial painting services. Chat with us today for a free quote and let us save you time and money while making your business literally shine!

Repaint Your Commercial Building


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