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What Is the Best Month to Paint a House?


When preparing to paint the house exterior, you have to choose the right weather for it, as temperature and other factors can influence the application, the finish, and the time it takes before the paint dries just right. 

First of all, you want to have warm weather when you start your paint project. The wet season is out of the question, or if you live in higher areas where the temperature drops below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Some paint manufacturers even recommend a threshold of 50 degrees. 

Weather Conditions for Painting a House

Also, avoid painting in humid weather or if there are any chances of rain, as water-dropping can ruin the finish of your paint, dilute it and make it streak everywhere. Summer months, in general, are the best time of the year for painting the exterior of your home, but spring and autumn might be even better if the temperatures are warm, you get sunshine without it burning too hard, and you have dry weather. 

All these weather conditions make the right time of the year different for different parts of the country, depending on the climate, latitude, etc. In Southern Australia, you won’t have any chance of painting outdoors later than October (or even September), while in the North you can do it as late as November and you actually must avoid hot, summer days when the sun burns too much. 

Only Paint in Dry Weather

If your walls are not completely dry at the time of the paint application, the results will be compromised. Your paint application is best done when there is no sign of rain, snow, or strong winds, as humidity can cause brush marks that will make the result inferior. Perfect painting is achieved when the exterior paint dries fast, but not too fast and not under the direct, scorching sun (this can make it crack).

Time It Takes to Paint a House

When planning to paint a house, you need to think how much time it takes to do the actual job (which pros can do in a few days, while DIY paint jobs can take two or even three times more. Besides that, you have to ensure that the walls are completely dry, and wait for a good forecast for the next couple of days after the painting.

As big projects like these are hard to postpone or plan from one day to another, it’s good to reserve them for a time of year when the possibility of bad weather is minimal. Summer is generally the best time to paint outdoors, but late spring and early autumn can give you the perfect conditions to achieve a good finish and shorten the time it takes to finish. 

If you want your house exterior to get a perfect new coat of paint with minimal hassle, hire the pros. Grand Painting will do an amazing job and guide you on when it’s best to schedule the outside painting of your home. Please contact us now and book our residential painting services.

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