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What Distinguishes Commercial Painting From Industrial Painting?

It can be daunting to figure out the difference between commercial painting and industrial painting. The summary below will clarify this confusion for you. Let’s get started.

Commercial Painting

If you decide to use a commercial company, what will they offer you? The answer is quite straightforward. They’ll paint your building as if it were a commercial building. Commercial buildings are buildings like malls, restaurants, and pubs. This means no cracks or outdated colours, maybe even a contrast wall and signs to direct them to certain products. It’s true that when it comes to commercial reputation, a lot of people tend to judge the book by its cover and that’s why you should make sure that your company’s exterior and interior design looks fresh and trendy. The type of paint that commercial painting contractors use is acrylic, latex-based paint. This kind of paint dries quicker than most paint types. Commercial buildings are usually painted during business hours, this is the busiest time of the day. It is advantageous to use Latex based paint as it wouldn’t interfere heavily with the daily runnings of the business. So if you want a time savvy, customer attracting paint, then commercial painting is the way to go.

Industrial Painting

If you decide to do industrial painting projects, then your walls will be painted with a fresh coat of oil-based paint. This paint takes longer to dry and painting projects include. These oil-based paints are manufactured at a large scale. The reason why industrial paint jobs are necessary is that the focus is on the durability of the paint since it could be painted in rooms with higher temperatures or where certain gasses are being released and the oil-based paint can handle these types of changes in the environment. It might not be available in as many shades as in commercial painting, but it’s top-notch for durability and depending on the circumstances you won’t have to repaint as soon. A residential painter would usually use latex on the inside and oil-based on the exterior, but it depends on the differences in contractor advice on residential painting. You’ll very often find that industrial painters have more equipment to deal with bigger surfaces. This makes the differences between commercial and industrial painting all the more observable.


There are a couple of key differences between these two types of painting, one of which is the paint that is used. Other differences include the durability of the paint, the availability of different shades of the paint as well as the ability of the shop to match the color you had in mind. In some instances, super durable paint is not needed for example the interior of a house will not need extra durability due to it’s convenient environment, but the exterior of the house will certainly need strong durability due to it’s harsher outdoor environment. All you have to do is decide what fits better for you. Do you need your paint to dry quicker and in a specific colour or do you need your paint to be more durable?

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