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What Color to Paint a House to Make it Look Bigger?

If you live in a small house or apartment, you may need to pull every trick in the book to make your space look bigger. Small rooms tend to feel claustrophobic. However, at Grand Painting, we understand that the paint colour has a unique ability to transform and set the perfect tone for any room. Below are some Color to Paint a House that can make a small space feel much bigger.

Pure White

Covering a room in a coat of white paint seems to maximise space and add a clean feel to it. White paint brightens up a room because of its light-reflective characteristics. On the other hand, darker wall colours absorb more light, making a room appear even smaller.

This is why rooms painted in rich, saturated colours like dark blue tend to feel much confining. To create a seemingly bigger space, paint your walls white to reflect light and add a satin or semi-gloss finish over them.

Soft Black

While white is the best option to create an illusion of bigger spaces, the colour may have the opposite effect if no light bounces off the walls. White paint may not be a brilliant option if you are in a room with little to no natural light.

Instead of bright paints like white, go for dark hues like black or charcoal. Such dark colours will give your living room a grandeur appearance. This effect makes the space feel bigger, especially if the ceiling trim and doors have the same colour.

Blush Pink

Blush pink takes on an almost peach-like hue in rooms with little or no natural light. Not only does a soft shade of blush pink brighten up your small rooms, but it also makes them feel light and cherry. This colour works best when complemented with light-neutral tones like ivory, sand and beige. To create an enveloping feel for your small space, paint the ceiling in a similar shade.

Dark Navy

You can create an impression of depth in spaces that lack natural light by painting them in a deep navy hue. This will make your small room feel stately. Navy is the way to go if you want that cozy and romantic feel that a black room offers, but you don’t wish to take a plunge into the dark realm.

Painting experts from Grand Painting recommend keeping large furniture like couches in the same colour to achieve the complete illusion of a bigger space.

Let a Painting Expert Decorate Your Small House Today

There are numerous ways professional painters can help make your small rooms feel and look much bigger. At Grand Painting & Building Maintenance PTY LTD, our experts have extensive knowledge of the various paint colours to give your indoor space a bigger outlook. Please get in touch with us today to speak to our professionals and book our residential painting services.

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