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Should you paint over mould?

When it comes to your walls at home, mould can be an unpleasant discovery. You might be tempted to paint over it and move on. However, as easy as this solution may seem, mould can be dangerous to both your house and your health. Masking the problem through interior painting as opposed to removing the problem can yield potentially harmful results. 


This blog will answer your mould related questions which may include: How can you tell if your walls are starting to mould? How can you reduce the likelihood of mould? Should you paint over it? 

Signs that your household has mould

If you’re looking for the signs that your walls may have been previously covered with fresh paint to cover mould, they’re very easy to spot. If you can see the wall cracking, bubbling or that the paint has raised in certain areas, you may have mould. In addition, if your paint has been water damaged, the paint’s colour will have yellow stains. If the interior walls of your home match the criteria for mould, and you suspect that you may have mould, get rid of it immediately. This includes protecting yourself with a mask and contacting a professional to remove the mould from your walls safely.

Should you paint over mould?

Can you reduce the likelihood of mould?

Yes, you can take simple steps to protect your house from the mould. These steps include:

  • Ensuring that all of your rooms are provided with adequate airflow, this means opening your windows and doors to avoid stagnant air.
  • Regularly maintain your home! The areas which are common for mould growth around your house require increased maintenance. 
  • Make sure your house is not humid. If you are using a humidifier, you may notice that your home is becoming more and more humid. This can lead to mould growth.

Should you paint over mould?

As previously mentioned, no, you shouldn’t. Mould is dangerous to both your house and your health. If you want to paint the interior of your home, and you want the best results, you must remove the mould from your walls. 


Painting over mould is a short term solution, allowing the mould to grow further. If you discover mould when wanting to paint your house, it is best to contact a professional to remove the mould and paint your home for you.

Grand Painting Have decades of experience in mould removal and repainting, including using mould-resistant paints and paints designed for humid environments.

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