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How Do You Paint a Commercial Building?

If you want to paint your store, office, headquarters, or other types of commercial building, you should know that a paint job like this should be thought through a bit more. Planning a commercial painting project should include carefully considered contractors, the right colour palette, and high-quality materials.

We will go through all the basic steps of painting your commercial building to help you finish your project efficiently and with perfect results. 

Hire the Right Contractor

When looking for professional painters, only consider those who have insurance, certifications, and a legit business. Go with a commercial painting contractor that has experience with commercial property projects, and ask them to show you some of their work. 

Choose the Best Colour Palette

A good contractor will give you the time you need to choose the right colour palette for your building and may be able to offer advice on that. If you are planning to paint a store and image is very important for your business, ask a designer to step in when selecting the paint colours. 

Get high-quality paint, as exterior painting should be resistant and pleasant to look at

Plan the Timing and the Budget

For commercial buildings paint projects, the timing is very important. On one hand, you have to consider the weather. On the other hand, you have to consider your business operations. Choosing the right time is crucial, as it’s a big part of the project’s success and it will influence your budget as well.

Buildings should be painted only in warm weather, as cold would not allow the fresh paint to dry fast enough. 

Verify Standards of Safety, Insurance, and Regulations

Before you start planning the other details of your painting project, contact the property manager or the municipality, to see if there are certain regulations or a code you have to adhere to. Also, make sure that all standards of safety are applied, as any incident can cost you and it would be unfortunate to happen to any of the workers. The contractor must also consider the safety of your customers and passers-by, and only work with non-toxic paints and substances. 

Prepare the Building for Painting

Prep work is very important for a commercial paint job. The exterior in particular has to be prepared for the new coat of paint. Your commercial painters will let you know if any additional services are needed, like pressure washing or wire brushing the surface before the paint is applied. 

Do You Need Help with Painting Your Commercial Building?

We at Grand Painting in Sydney’s North Shore have been working with business customers since we began our activity in 1998. We know exactly what we have to do and can make you a special offer if the conditions allow us. Contact us now for more details on commercial painting Sydney.

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