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How Do You Know if Your House Needs Painting?

Painting your house regularly is one of the ways to improve its lifespan and make it more appealing to visitors. It also protects the house’s exterior from weather elements like water and UV rays, which cause structural damage. For these reasons, it’s apparent that painting your house is a prudent investment that boosts your overall home’s value.

Over time, the paint on your home, especially the exterior, starts to weather. This reduces its elegance, and the house’s structure deteriorates. You need to engage an experienced and professional painter like Grand Painting to determine when and how to add a fresh coat of paint to your house. Below are signs that indicate your house needs painting:

Peeling or Cracking Paint

The obvious sign that your house needs a fresh coat of paint is visible wear and tear on the existing paint. Signs like peeling paint, flaking, bubbling, and cracking are indications that the existing paint is no longer offering enough waterproofing. Flaking and peeling of paint expose the house to weather elements that may cause extensive damage to the building.

Cracked Caulking

Caulking is used to cover doors, windows, and trims, protecting them from weather elements like moisture and dust. The caulk expands and contracts depending on the humidity and temperature levels, keeping the doors and windows sealed and protected.

Over time, however, caulk shrinks and cracks. This leaves the doors and windows unprotected and exposed to moisture, and consequently, mould develops. Cracked and damaged caulk could be the earliest indication that it’s time to repaint your house.


After some time, paint loses its original colour due to exposure to the sun’s UV rays. If your house is more exposed to sunlight, its painting may deteriorate faster. In addition, dark colours tend to fade quicker and require more regular repainting than light colours.

Moisture Stains and Mold

These are usually surface stains that can be removed by washing. However, sometimes these stains may be signs of extensive damage from the inside. You need a professional painter to examine the extent of damage, repaint the place, or perform partial renovation if the damage is far-reaching.

Gaps or Shrinking Wood

Gaps between wood are significant causes of concern as they are an indication that moisture is penetrating the paint layer to wet the wood. The gap can lead to the growth of dry rot, mildew, and mould, which may cause further damage to the building. To cure this problem, you need to paint your house afresh to prevent further water seepage.

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