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How Colour Affects Mood and Productivity of Office Worker?

Interior design is more than just good looks. If you own a company, you’ve probably given a lot of thought to the marketing, finances, and features that make it unique compared to other businesses. Another feature you should pay more attention to is the interior design of the building your company is located in. Interior design has a deep impact on the effectiveness of your employees’ productivity, especially the colour of the offices where employees do most of their work.

Here’s why.

The Psychology Behind Colours

Colours have a very simple logic and psychology behind them. For example, a warm colour makes the space seem more compact. The right colours can make you feel more relaxed or stimulate communication. When used wrongly, colours can induce feelings of sadness or elevate your heart rate. 

Examples of How Each Colour Can Affect Your Mood

Yellow Orange

Yellow is associated with happiness and positive energy. When used in moderate doses while decorating your office, this colour guarantees a good mood and can make you feel more optimistic. But be careful! Use yellow only as a splash of colour, not as a base colour. Studies have shown that we tend to be more nervous in completely yellow rooms.

Bland Gray 

Grey is one of those versatile colours that can enhance a wide range of personalities. Grey influences perceptions of security, intelligence, and solidarity. Grey is also said to induce a sense of calm. But be careful what shades of grey you use – they can be muted and delicate or strong and full of personality.

Green and Blue 

Without a doubt, blue is one of the most powerful colours in the colour spectrum. Deep, bold shades of blue, such as navy or royal blue, are perfect for highlighting self-confidence, being associated with qualities and feelings such as loyalty, peace and success. Pale shades impart calmness and tranquility, as do shades of green. Green is the colour that best relaxes the eyes, as it promotes relaxation and helps to eliminate stress.


White offices are a regular occurrence in most workplaces. White symbolises cleanliness and purity. A clean office environment looks great and can encourage you to work and let your thoughts fall freely.

On the purity line, white can indicate integrity, honesty and the absence of bad things like cheating and corruption. White can go a long way in determining a workplace.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Colours for Your Work Environment 

Adding colour to your office can make a big difference to how your employees feel. If you can’t paint it, at the very least you can use desk props to add the colour you want.

You can play around with various colours until you get your favourite combo.

If you work from home, you have more liberty and power to make your workspace perfect for productivity. 

No matter whether you want creativity or relaxation while you work, you have the tools you need to get things done.

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