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Does Hiring a Professional Painter save money

Do you want to ensure that your rooms are painted with the best quality? Are you conscious of your budget? When you employ a Professional Painter contractor to paint your rooms, there can be a significant variation between all providers. Cheaper contractors may provide a lower quality of service and others may be out of your price range, but provide the service you want. Hiring a painting contractor will always yield better and more professional results than DIY painting. If you’re aware that you are operating within a tight budget, there are certain things to minimise the money you spend. This allows you to save money when working with a painting contractor.

Paint and Equipment

Painters often provide an additional fee to source the equipment to paint. The equipment usually includes:

  • Tools
  • Paints
  • Primers

If you can provide a painter with the equipment needed, you will likely save time and money. Providing a painter with the equipment will mean that you are minimising the overall rate you will be charged.

It is important to note that those painters who are sole traders or working with smaller companies are more inclined to allow you to provide equipment. However, some painters will only agree to paint with their own equipment and tools. It ultimately comes down to clear and honest communication with your Professional Painter .

Room Preparation

When hiring a painting contractor, the majority of the money you are paying is for labour. Minimising labour costs when operating on a budget is essential. So how do you do this?

A time consuming and large part of painting is the preparation of rooms. Poorly prepared paint jobs will waste time and resources. It is important to provide a clean and suitable surface for the paint to be applied. Although the contractor will always need to do some professional preparation prior to painting, there are certain things you can do to minimise the time used to prepare a room. It is a good idea to speak with your painter before painting to find out what you can prepare and what they will need to prepare. In doing so, you may see your labour costs reduce.

The Right Choice

Whether you’re searching for a commercial, strata or residential painter, it is always important to do your research. It is important to prioritise quality, although this may cost you more, it is a long term investment. When looking at maintenance and frequency, a better paint job will require less maintenance than a poorly done, cheap paint job.

Simply put, researching painting contractors online require a few things; these include:

  • Asking for referrals
  • Researching online painters
  • Chatting to past clients
  • Does the company have any awards? 
  • When was the business established?

These questions and research areas will ultimately save you money long term, through ensuring that the quality is the best, at the lowest cost. Working with a painting contractor can save you money. Painting your residence or commercial area through the best Professional Painters will ensure that the quality is met, and is ultimately a long term investment.


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